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visit >>> mail messages. colorado shooting suspect james holmes allegedly mailed a package of handwritten letters to one of his instructors at the university of colorado. guns and politics. president obama and mitt romney opposing views on the need for revised gun control laws. >> i also believe that a lot of gun owners would believe that ak-47s belong in the hands of soldiers. >>> and parachute twine. a daredevil jumps from a balloon nearly 20 miles above the earth a daredevil jumps from a balloon nearly 20 miles above the earth for a world record attempt. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, july 26, 2012. >>> good morning everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. the university of colorado received a package from alleged theater begun man james holmes. the package containing handwritten papers was addressed to one of holmes' instructors in the ph.d. program. meanwhile, the first of holmes alleged victims was buried. teresa garcia in aurora, colorado, has our report. >> investigators say a package fr
. there was fear and chaos as james holmes fired again and again with an assault rifle, holding 100 rounds. sources tell abc news, the smith and wesson high powered rifle, holmes' most deadly weapon jammed. the carnage could have been worse. more people survived, in part, sources say because holmes was probably squeezing the trigger so quickly the magazine malfunctioned. holmes was ready for war. also armed with a tactical shotgun. and abc news has learned the pistol police recovered in the theater had an extended 40-round clip. police are urgently seeking a motive and may have gotten a critical break in the case. authorities recovered a computer from the suspect's booby trapped apartment and sources tell us more evidence of his batman obsession. abc news has learned police discovered a variety of batman paraphernalia including a poster and mask from the comic book series. many of my source s appear stunned at the suspect's cold-blooded fury. >> gets you so angry, too, reports out of jail now he is showing absolutely no remorse through awful this. he is still maining his joker persona, spitting at
, and the impression james holmes made on victims' families. it's tuesday, july 24th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. we will take you live off to colorado in just a moment for our top story. >>> and then the harsh punishment for penn state's prestigious football program. what's next for the campus after the ncaa's decision. an unprecedented decision from the governing body there in college football, definitely their football program is going to struggle the next couple of years as well as the the economy surrounding state college. >> not only just the number of scholarships, the $60 million fine, and then, no post season for the next four years. they hit them from every angle. if you watched the press conference with the ncaa officials, the word, used, was culture, want to change the culture of the program. so no one was shocked. i've don't think. they expected this to come down the pike. it has the. >>> disturbing video coming from a mississippi day-care center. the surveillance pictures getting a lot of
for such a lightweight. [ female announcer ] olay regenerist. >>> back to our top story, james holmes was a one-man arsenal when he walked into the aurora movie theater friday morning. >> investigators say he had two pistols, a shotgun and an automatic weapon. and bought 6,000 rounds of ammo all on line. abc's pierre thomas shows us how holmes was able to arm himself so very easily. >> reporter: abc news has learned and authorities suspect if all had gone according to the suspect's plan, the bombs in his apartment would have blown up the walls of his residence and possibly burned down the entire building. this fireball was created when police disposed of only part of the death trap. police had to overcome a room full of bombs and a spaghetti jumble of wires. once finally inside, police discovered evidence of an apparent obsession with batman. according to sources, among the paraphernalia recovered, a batman mask and batman poster. the most critical item found a computer. police hope it will be the key to unlocking why holmes went on his murderous rampage. but many are left to wonder how holmes
the university of colorado received a package from alleged theater gunman james holmes. the package containing handwritten papers was addressed to one of holmes' instructors in the neuroscience ph.d. program. meanwhile, the first of holmes alleged victims was buried. teresa garcia in aurora, colorado, has our report. >> investigators say a package from accused movie theater gunman was found in the mail room of the university of colorado denver. the package which was discovered monday was handled by a bomb squad robot and x-rayed to check for explosives. sources say the letter was sent to one of holmes' former professors, a psychiatrist. in it, he talked about shooting people and included crude drawings of a gunman and his victims. the letter may help investigators learn more about holmes but experts say not to expect closure. >> there is nothing that this individual could say to us that would cause us and the general public to sit back and say now i understand why you did this. >> defense attorneys got their first look inside holmes' apartment where authorities say he had planned to
of the families were in the courthouse. i can only imagine how painful that must have been for them to see holmes in there and kind of act so, unfazed by everything. >> you can see the emotion on their faces too as they walked in. it appeared some of them were crying. what i found interesting is that you had perfect strangers who never knew, never knew each other before this tragedy and together some of them wanted to hold hands as they walked in. i also heard that in court, other families that were walking and meeting for the first time hugged in the middle of the courtroom. nice to meet you. they seemed to be unified, in this experience together. i think you are going to be seeing a lot more of that as, the hearing, the trial resumes. >> the bond of common loss on display in that courtroom. thank you to abc's brandi hitt reporting live from centennial, colorado. thank you, brandi. stay with abc news on the air and online as we cover every development from colorado in this horrible story. you can find updates at >>> turning to politics and the west coast where the president and mitt
massacre inside of that colorado movie theater. james holmes made his first court appearance since the shooting rampage that left 12 people dead, and 58 others wounded. holmes had the hair dyed bright red and orange and you can see he appeared somewhat emotionless and somber as he sat next to his attorney in the courtroom. what we know is for mall charges are going to be filed against holmes monday. the judge assigned a public defender for the case, and sometime today holmes' family is expect t expected to say something and issue a statement. i want to go to casey wian who is in san diego, and you are at the home, i believe, of the suspect's family and that they are going to be talking later today. what have they said so far? >> well, actually, suzanne, where i am is outside of the office of the criminal defense attorney named lisa dam ymiani o is represent iing the holmes' family and she says she will come out in three hours and read a prepared statement from the holmes' family and take some lim limited questions from the news media. she said that she has been in touch with mr. ho
, good evening. tonight, we are learning that before james holmes allegedly carried out his attack and before he ended up in the jail behind me, he may have mailed out a road map to the massacre. tonight, abc news has learned a notebook believed to be written by the suspect, james holmes, was mailed to the university of colorado, where holmes had been a student, until dropping out last month. fox news is reporting the notebook was mailed to a psychiatrist at the university and that it contains, quote, full details about how he was going to kill people. drawings of what he was going to do in it. drawings and illustrations of the massacre. there are conflicting reports on whether the notebook arrived at the university before or after the massacre. but it apparently wasn't found until monday, during a search of the mail room. this, of course, raises questions about whether if the package had been found before last thursday, the carnage could have been avoided. the university will not confirm the existence of the notebook, but released a statement, saying it delivers the mail the same
shooting rampages in u.s. history. police say 24-year-old james holmes kicked open the theater's back door, tossed in smoke devices and came in shooting. he was dressed in black wearing a gas mask and body armor, armed with an assault rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun and two glock handguns. ten were killed at the scene, two died later. steven burton is among the 58 injured. >> at the time i thought it was fireworks, then i got hit here and i realized it was sml much more serious. and people started screaming. there was a lot of chaos. >> at that moment i just remember thinking i'm not going to die in here. me and my kids, we're not going to die in here. i need to get them out. i need to get out. and all i could think was if i stand up, he's going to shoot because that's what he was doing. and i was just trying to think. >> reporter: a few miles away the suspect's apartment described by aurora officials as extensively booby-trapped, continues to be a focus of the investigation. with help of a robot officials are working on a plan to disarm what appears to be bottles connected with wires with possi
james holmes mailed the package here to the university of colorado medical center in aurora. the package is said to contain details writings about, quote, killing people. >> it's an important factor in assessing whether or not he was acting deliberately planning this and thoughtfully, one step after the next. >> reporter: investigators, who continue to search holmes apartment for clues, recovered the package in the mail room at the university monday. within hours of its delivery hazmat teams evacuated the building as they removed the suspicious package. it was addressed to a professor at the university. >> people versus james holmes. >> reporter: holmes, who appeared in court monday, is in solitary confinement, where according to police officials he remains uncooperative. in washington today, the director of the counter-terrorism center told the house committee they believe holmes acted alone. >> while there's no suggestion that the shooting last week in colorado was connected to international terrorism, the attack is a tragic reminder that a lone, calculating shooter can inflict devasta
are straight ahead. >>> plus, the latest on the big break-up of tom cruise and katie holmes. >>> the nets make a huge trade, and deja vu for the pirates. you're watching "early today." >>> well, good morning and >>> well, good morning and welcome back to "early tod." i'm veronica de la cruz. here are some of your top headlines this morning. the arab league is calling on exxon syrian opposition figures to unite as another 85 soldiers including a general and 14 other officers defected across the boarder to turkey. and syrian president bashar al assad says he regrets the shooting down of a turkish plane but will not allow tension with turkey to turn into open warfare. >>> two boys in england managed to get past security and tried to grab the olympic flame as it was being carried by torch bearers in coventry yesterday. police were able to intervene and escort them away. >>> and in london, the gold, silver, and bronze medals for the olympic games have been taken to the tower of london for safekeeping. the tower has been used for over 600 years to store england's crowned jewels, and it will hold the
and would not approve his application. holmes family will give a public statement following the court appearance. >> this morning we're hearing from the 13 year-old girl who was the babysitter of the youngest victim. she was sitting next to six rolled girl in the theater as the gunman opened fire >> i wanted to be a nightmare, a dream, i want this to be real. >> she went to a simple movie with five people and three of them got shot. it >> you can catch the full interview with a teenager at 7:00 a.m. on cbs this morning. >> last night thousands came together for a vigil in our aurora. colorado governor read the names of each of the victims and the crowd read the names back and applauded. >> i had a chance to visit with each family and most of the conversation was filled with memory. it was an opportunity for families to describe how wonderful their brother or their son or daughter was. >> president obama held nearly three hours of private meetings with the families and met with people who are trying to recover from injuries. you can find the very latest on our website at cbs s.f. dot c
of tom cruise and katie holmes. holmes filed for divorce because she feared plans cruise and his church of scientology had in store of fire 6-year-old daughter suri. a source said holmes felt her every move was controlled and she felt like she was in "rosemary's baby." experts say holmes filed in new york for legal advantages, cruise reportedly plans to file in california where presumably he would have a better chance of partial custody of suri. i've been hearing she's having trouble with that too. bloggers are already asking does tom or katie keep their bff. cruise said he wants to but david in action films but they are in the same shows, checking in on what they are wearing. what are you wearing? you think? don't you hate it when it happens? finally mel gibson's stepmother filed for a restraining order against the actor claiming he's been violent with her. >> people have such a hunger and thirst for all the knowledge on what their relationship was like. >> i have ear muffs about the entire thing. it's a private matter. >> it's been in tabloids for months. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. t
the apartment of james holmes, the suspected colorado shooter. a law enforcement official has described to cnn video taken from inside the apartment. he said it was set up like something from iraq or afghanistan. 30 improvised grenades rigged to a control box in the kitchen and gas containers filled with ten gallons of gas, allegedly for the purpose of adding more fuel to the fire in an explosion. cnn's jim spelman is in aurora, colorado, right outside the theater where the shooting happened. the description of the apartment is extraordinary and terrifying. what else do you know about it? >> reporter: just trying to picture 30 of the home-made grenades filled with black powder and gas containers around to amplify the fire after these things went off. all set to a srs of trip wires. one set to go off when the first person who goes in opens the door. it took them almost two days to come up with a strategy to eliminate them. ultimately they used water to disrupt the control box. these things were so volatile, they had to carry each one out in a bucket of sand to a dump truck, take them out into t
a hearing on monday. a memorial is scheduled tomorrow night. police are now saying they believe holmes had been planning the massacre for months. he is in solitary confinement tonight. witnesses are beginning to return to the scene. a ama daetz is live in aurora, colorado with their story. >> reporter: a lot of people have actually come by to pay their respects to those that died. the people that why injured were finally able to pick up their car at the theater. crime scene tape is still up. when a tragedy like this unfolds live on tv we feel the gravity of it but it feels a world away spoke with survivors with ties to the bay area. >> the community is banding together. this sign is the latest show of support for the 12 people that died and those that were injured that movie theater shooting two nights ago. as the suspected shooter sits in jail tonight, people returned to the scene. >> i haven't been able to sleep. >> she was fortunate enough to get out of theater not long after the shooting began. >> he had a gun and bulletproof vest on and guns on him and one on his waist and he let it g
rick. i'm jenna lee. we're half an hour away where suspected mass murderer james holmes will hear the formal charges which the rampage killed 12 and lefts to's it of dozen dozen of others injured. holmes had the dyed reddish orange hair. he seemed dazed. this time around we'll not get a look at him because the judge banned cameras inside the courtroom. the judge issuing a gag order in the case. defense attorneys say it has been repeatedly violated pointing to recent leaks to the media and they will likely bring that up as an issue in today's hearing. alicia acuna is live in colorado with more. alicia? >> reporter: jenna, there are a few things on tap for today in addition to the filing of charges. james holmes will be in courtroom number 201 for the filing of charges in the expectation is that at minimum there will be 12 first-degree murder charges. there are two crime scenes that we know of. the theater where the shooting took place and. this is up to the direct attorney. >> carol chambers is an aggressive no-nonsense prosecutor. she debated the death penalty in her own mind. she
in the suspect's apartment. jim? >> one thing that everyone is talking about in the demeanor of james holmes in the courtroom. on front page of every paper. his red hair, his big eyes. you were inside the court, jim, what did it seem like to you? >> we didn't know what to expect. the first question on everybody's mind is would his hair be red. we had heard that from law enforcement sources. all the witnesses who were in the theater say he was wearing a helmet and mask. so that was the first thing was seeing his red hair after he described himself as the joker. this guy just looked dazed, he looked weak. he looked small to me and after initially scanning the crowd when he walked in, the rest of the time he more or less just looked straight ahead. meantime back in the seats of the courtroom. family members could not take their eyes off him. i saw parents of people who had died just staring at him the whole time. and you could tell it was a very emotional time for them. and they're there in the courtroom where they can't show any kind of emotional all. they have to be quiet. very typical for th
linked to james holmes is sending shock waves through the investigation. it's thursday, july 26th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good thursday morning, everybody. i'm paula faris. or as rob likes to call it friday eve. >> friday eve. just makes it psychologically easier towards the end of the week. >> could we say tgife? >> there you go. >> thank god it's friday eve. >> there you go. see, well done, paula. you are always thinking. >> not really. >> good morning, everybody. i am rob nelson. we'll explain how the colorado investigation is taking a strange new turn. we'll get to that in a second. >>> on top of that, olympic embarrassment. a big flag flap. i've got to say that slowly. >> oh, yes. hot water. >> just one big business that is not going as planned in london. it's been a rough start by all accounts. some security issues and then traffic issues. we have the flag dust-up. kind of been -- eh. >> the opening ceremony hasn't even happened. >> we have miles to go. >> also coming up. an 11-year-old boy with a runaway story for the ages. how did he hop
are going to be filed against holmes monday. the judge assigned a public defender for the case, and sometime today holmes' family is expect t expected to say something and issue a statement. i want to go to casey wian who is in san diego, and you are at the home, i believe, of the suspect's family and that they are going to be talking later today. what have they said so far? >> well, actually, suzanne, where i am is outside of the office of the criminal defense attorney named lisa dam ymiani o is represent iing the holmes' family and she says she will come out in three hours and read a prepared statement from the holmes' family and take some lim limited questions from the news media. she said that she has been in touch with mr. holmes' mother and father, and says that they are doing reasonably well, as well as could be expected under the circumstances. she would not talk with us about where they are physically located right now. citing concerns about their safety. but to repeat, she is going to come out and read a prepared statement, and the most extensive comments from the family since this
. it will be a little longer than the first time that we had a court appearance by james holmes. tell us a little bit some of the other hearing matters that could come up. >> reporter: yes. judge william sylvester also has to make some ruling on a couple more motions. one is a motion by the defense regarding a package it said that in court documents that james holmes sent to his psychiatrist, dr. lynn fenton. the defense argued this package contained privileged information between patient and doctor and wants it turned over immediately. it accused the government leaking manufacturing to the media. 20 media organizations including fox news have a motion with the judge as well there is to unseal certain document in the case and the publics that legitimate interest knowing what action taken by a number of officials in the case. things get underway in the arapahoe court in a few minutes. back to you guys. jenna: alicia, thank you. rick: on to politics now and governor mitt romney wrapping up his high-profile three-nation tour in poland today. the republican presidential candidate is spending the last 36
the alleged shooter, james holmes in court yesterday. mike taibbi is live in centennial, colorado, watching that for us. what's the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: the investigation will continue, but there are only a few elements still to be investigated. the forensic scene at theater and the suspect's apartment has been completed at this point. they're still checking how it was and by what means the suspect james holmes was able to have some 50 packages filled with all the supplies that added up to his alleged arsenal, were given to him, either at an address at the university of colorado where he'd been a grad student or at his apartment about five blocks from the campus. they're talking to officials at the university about that at this point. the two moisture decisions still being made in the case is whether the prosecution will go for the death penalty. that decision will be made within 60 days after the arraignment. and at that arraignment, the second part of the story, will the defense go for an ngi, lawyers call it a not guilty by reason of insanity, but that keeps the arra
time in the mountains. >>> james holmes booby-trapped apartment was cleared of explosives which could help lead to a motive in in had in massacre. a bomb squad blew up a device. chemicals inside were gathered up and driven to a remote location. police officials say the apartment was wired to kill whoever came through the door. >> there is going to be a police officer. so make no mistake what was going on there. we sure are hell angry. >> they should be finished investigating the apartment by monday. >> all 12 victims have been identified. the youngest is six-year-old. alexander jonathan blunt were killed as for an air force sergeant. a mom with two children. the other victims many of the victims died heroes. david wright as their story. >> it was a real life heroes in the theater. people who saved their girlfriend's lives are sacrificing their own. john larrimer leapt over the seat to shield his girlfriend. alex jumped in front of his girlfriend taking a bullet that would have hit her. and target employee saved his girlfriend and co-workers the same way. she was injured, shot in the l
some shocking new information about the colorado theater shooting suspect james holmes. we've been hearing conflicting reports about a package that he allegedly sent to his psychiatst before the shooting. cbs is reporting that package contained details about how he planned on killing people. now there's a legal battle over that package and whatever was inside it. jim spellman sounds the jail in aurora, kol california, for us this morning. good morning, jim. so what is this assertion of privilege that lawyers are talking about? >> so what the defense is saying is that the writings in this book were sent from holmes to his psychiatrist, a woman named dr. lynn fenton and that those are doctor-patient communications and should be privileged. it's a little complicated in general about how that works because if potentially there was something in it that alluded to putting people in danger, then the doctor would have to write to -- would have the requirement to report that to police. but we don't know what's in it at this point. but what the defense is saying is that we're reading all the
: the suspect, 24-year-old james holmes, today will be advised of his rights and the judge will set a date for the formal filing of charges. it's the start of a legal process that may take months. >> we will convict him. yes. >> reporter: at issue whether the prosecutor will seek the death penalty. the defense will likely argue whether holmes is mentally competent while the city is forever changed. evidence will include what was found inside the suspect's apartment, explosive devices meant to kill were removed and destroyed yesterday. officials say today other residents of the building may be allowed to return. veronica, back to you. >>> great, thank you. poverty in america is increasing to levels not seen in the last 50 years. the u.s. census data for 2011 to be released during the fall peak of the presidential's campaign is expected to show the poverty rate rising to as high as 15.7%. that would be the highest rate since 1965 erasing gains from the war on poverty that created medicaid, medicare and other social welfare programs. the weak economy is being blamed especially long-term unemp
details about the suspect. his lawyers revealing, james holmes was seeing a psychiatrist, even as police say he was plotting to commit mass murder. our report tonight from nbc's mike taibbi. >> reporter: one after the other, the victims shot dead for the simple reason that they chose to see a movie have been laid to rest. rebecca, a local mother of two in her own home town. >> rebecca was full of life and light. >> reporter: matt mcquinn buried in ohio. john layer more in illinois. >> my heart is breaking and i will miss him. >> reporter: a.j. remembered in aurora. jonathan to be buried. jessica brought home to san antonio. >> you don't know how long you have here. >> reporter: for the 58 victims who were shot but survived, including steven barton now back home in connecticut, these are days spent healing. >> i was holding on to my neck to staunch the bleeding. >> reporter: and reflecting on what brought them to this theater at just the wrong time. a theater whose owners are now offering to pay funeral expenses for those killed. for barton and boyhood pals, it was a bicycle trip to disco
hearing to read 24-year-old james holmes his rights. the accused mass murderer seemed dazed, never looking anyone in the face, as family members of some of the victims sat nearby. >> he does look like demonic or something like that. his eyes are just crazy. kind of crazy looking, you know? something wrong with that man. >> reporter: holmes, once a top neuroscience student, recently dropped out of grad school. police say he spent thousands of dollars on weapons and ammunitions, dressed up like a villain yas batman character and opened fire in this aurora, california, theater. ten were dead in the theater. two died later. among them, jessica ghawi. her friends called jessica's family from the theater. >> it was the most horrific screams i ever heard in my life. i thought somebody was in the house stabbing my wife in the heart. >> reporter: the victims range in age from 6 to 51. there are many stories of heroism. stephanie saved this girl's life. they made it out alive. >> we're laying there literally in the mouth of hell. and when i say literally, i mean literally from every aspect. >> i jus
full military honors. a court document filed friday showed james holmes - the man accused of killing 12 people and wounding dozens more inside the movie theater - was a patient of a university of colorado psychiatrist before the july 20th massacre. holmes is expected to be formally charged on monday. i'm melisa raney reporting. meanwhile, a billboard in idaho is comparing president obama to the accused colorado killer james to a photo of holmes, the billboard reads "kills 12 in a movie theater, everyone freaks out." on the president's photo, it reads, "kills thousands with foreign policy, wins nobel peace prize." the ralph smeed foundation owns the advertisement and says it wants to draw attention to military men and women dying overseas. a new movie that contains a violent shoot-out at a theater will not be released this fall. that decision comes directly from the movie massacre fallout. fallout.warner brothers announced it will postpone the release of the movie ágangster squadá. it was originally set to hit theaters in september but will be released early next year. th
motive. as holmes past is examined, we try learn what led to the killings and how this devastated community will recover. formal charges are expected monday. a decision on whether prosecutors will seek the death penalty will come later. from aurora, colorado, i'm leanne gregg. back you to, lynn. >>> presidential conditioned dat candidates are back on the campaign trail. with more calls for gun laws, mitt romney will be in nevada today while president obama heads to oregon. jennifer johnson has that story from washington. >> reporter: a somber day on the campaign trail following the tragedy in colorado. at a veterans of foreign wars event in reno, president obama paid tribute to four veterans killed in aurora. >> we honor your loved ones. we salute their service. as you summonhe strength to carry on and keep bright their legacy, we stand with you as one united american family. >> reporter: mitt romney who discussed the economy with business people in california couldn't avoid the issue of stricter gun control laws in an interview on cnbc. >> i believe the second amendment is the ri
james holmes. the 24-year-old suspect in the deadly colorado shooting rampage, holmes a one-time graduate student at the university of colorado, is going to be making his next court appearance monday. meanwhile, family members are trying to make funeral plans for some of the victims of friday's shootings. nbc's miguel is live for us in colorado. what are the latest developments today, because a lot has been happening behind the scenes. >> reporter: just a few miles from where we're standing, police were once again at the suspect's home. of course they were there for a couple of days over the weekend. it was wired, they say, with boobytraps. they were forced to go in using im provised devices to set off the traps. they were back there today. it appears they were looking for more evidence. as you know, the suspect, james holmes, was here in court yesterday. he was in court for a short time. he certainly looked very dazed, very confused. at one point, as though he was going to fall asleep. police are still obviously gathering evidence in this case. he will be charged with at le
block. katie holmes surrounded by security, just days after filing for divorce. her wedding ring off. and new details emerging overnight, about whether scientology fueled the split. >>> and swimming with sharks. the 5-year-old in the jaw-dropping home video, snorkeling with some of the most dangerous creatures in the sea. did these parents put their little girl in danger? or was it the biggest adventure of her young life? we hear from all this morning. >>> let's see. sarina is 4? >> yep. gonna be 4 in august. >> so no swimming with the sharks. >> daddy's not swimming with sharks. sarina's certainly not, that's for sure. good morning, america. george is taking a little time off. good to have josh by my side. >>> still ahead, so much of the country still sweating it out this morning. the sweltering temperatures, not cooling down at all. and almost 2 million people still in the dark. they're trying to beat the heat without any power. sam is tracking all this. >>> and this morning, we'll have the latest on that brutal chimpanzee attack in south africa. the american graduate student, andr
morning to you. >> reporter: the suspect 24-year-old james holmes has been in solitary confinement since his arrest on friday. he'll be in the courthouse for the arraignment. police say he is the man responsible for the massacre and ripping apart the city. they gathered by the thousands, shed tears for the victims. >> we will remember you. we will other than you by celebrating life. >> reporter: candles were lit for the 58 who were injured. the names read of the 12 who died with a vow to never forget. >> this is our community. this is our city. you only find hope and peace here. >> reporter: sunday the president arrived in colorado meeting with the family of the victims, the president heard many firsthand accounts and then told the story of two young women he met, stephanie davies who helped save the life of her friend after she had been shot in the neck. >> stephanie, 21 years old, had the presence of mind to drop down on the ground with her, pull her out of the aisle, place her fingers over where she -- where allie had been wounded, apply pressure the whole time while the gunman was sh
shooting suspect james holmes detailed his planned massacre more than a week before the attack occurred. and unopened package sent by james holmes recovered at the university of colorado mailroom at illustrations and notes about killing a large number of people. the package was sent to a psychiatrist, but never opened. speaking wednesday louisiana, president obama says he plans to tackle u.s. gun violence in the shootings aftermath. >> many gun runners would understand ak-47's along in the hands of soldiers and not the hands of criminals. that they belong on the battlefield of war, not on the streets of our cities. i believe the majority of gun owners would agree we should do everything possible to prevent criminals and fugitives from purchasing weapons. we should check someone's criminal record before they can check out a gun show, that a mentally unbalanced individual should not be able to get his hands on a gun so easily. [applause] these steps should not be controversial, that common- sense. >> obama's, gun violence comes as he faces pressure to back a robust global arms treaty befo
the shooting suspect james holmes mailed a package to the university of colorado campus in aurora which was received on monday and forced the evacuation of a building. it was holmes himself who told police where to find it. cbs news says the package was addressed to a psychologist and contained a letter talking about shooting people along with scribbling showing the gunman shooting victims. we're going to have a full report from aurora in a few minutes. >>> six days after the mssacre in aurora, colorado, gun control is a very hot topic on the campaign trail. he waited five days to enter the fray. president obama is now front and center on the debate. telling the national urban league in new orleans yesterday some weapons sales need to be restricted. >> i, like mostamericans, believe the second amendment guarantees an individual the right to bare arms. but i also believe a lot of gun owners would believe that ak-47s belong in the hands of soldiers not criminals. >> mitt romney does not see it the same way. he believes tighter gun control laws would do little to stop a massacre like the o
holmes reveals that holmes was a patient of a university of colorado psychiatrist before the massacre. it also states that a suspicious package found in a school mail room was addressed to that doctor. >>> meanwhile, police in prince george's county, maryland just outside washington displayed an impressive arsenal by a man who threatened to shoot people at his former workplace. he allegedly referred to himself as joker, the same name as holmes allegedly used. joe johns is with us working the story whachlt are you finding out, joe? >> candy, file this under the heading threats police are taking very seriously right now. they thinkaverted a workplace injury. a man in the process of getting fired from his job. he worked for a subcontractor. on monday he made a series of calls that got him thinking about james holmes, the alleged movie theater shooter. >> he made significant threats to coming back and harming people at the business. in fact, he said i'm a joker. and i'm going to load my guns and blow everyone up. >> those calls were reported to police and led to an investigation. when pol
. james holmes was seeing a psychiatrist before the rampage. this information coming to light as two of the victims are laid to rest. elizabeth has more details. >> reporter: the court filings reveals that james was under the care of a doctor. he doesn't reveal the extent of the treatment but it does say she was the intended recipient of that package which was confiscated by investigators. media reports reveal that dr. franklin was reprimanded by the colorado medical board for prescribing medication to family members while not keeping up updated medical charts. meanwhile, the profiling, to get that notebook will be addressed monday during his arraignment. he faces 12 counts of first-degree murder charges and many more depending on the district attorney carol chambers. >> we want to see how aggressive they want to be. if you charge first degree and serious bodily injury for a bunch of victims there is a lot of medical records and lots of doctors. the trial could stretch out to epic proportions. >> meanwhile, today is mourning for people here in the city have colorado but across the na
. >>> the divorce battle between katie holmes and tom cruise is heating up. surprise, surprise. did katie take a cue from tom's two older children and their relationship with scientology. >>> also, the smash hit "fifty shades of grey," or so i'm told. you'll have to stick around to believe this story. >>> and the shocking ad has a lot of parents up in arms. is under 15 too young for extreme grooming. i think you got that one, josh. >> yeah. i usually go too soon. too soon. we'll get there in moments. >>> we're going to begin with that growing divorce fight between tom cruise and katie holmes. new details about tom's two older kids and their relationship with their faith may reveal a bit more to katie holmes' filing. dan is back with that. >> reporter: these are the cruise children many of us have not heard much about. and some say these older children may provide a cautionary tale for katie holmes. while much of the media maelstrom from around the tomkat split, is around suri, tom has two older children who not much is known until now. conner, 17, and bella, 16. when cruise and kidman divorced, they
spends more time with his daughter in new york city but has he seen katie holmes? and is their split really going as smoothly as it appears? but first, this is "today" ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm...99 bushels of wheat! ♪ [ male announcer ] kellogg's® mini-wheats cereal has 8 layers of whole grain fiber... so they stick with you. ♪ 45 bushels of wheat on the farm. 45 bushels of wheat! ♪ all morning long. there's a big breakfast... [ mini ] yeehaw! in those fun little biscuits. aflac! ha! isn't major medical enough? huh! no! who's gonna help cover the holes in their plans? aflac! quack! like medical bills they don't pay for? aflac! or help pay the mortgage? quack! or child care? quack! aflaaac! and everyday expenses? huh?! blurlbrlblrlbr!!! [ thlurp! ] aflac! [ male announcer ] help your family stay afloat at plegh! >> this is wbal-tv 11 news today and baltimore. >> good morning. here is a look at our top stories. fiat officials believe night -- lightning may have caused fires. the first happened last night in arnold. that home was destroyed by a damaged after
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